On Irish Life

The issue of abortion is becoming more and more appallingĀ  as we meet more Irish people here. Abortion is illegal in Ireland and in Northern Ireland, unless the pregnancy is in threat of endangering the life of the woman. One of Ireland’s best known abortionists was even famously sentenced to death by hanging in 1957 when one of her patients died. The country (the South at least) is very Catholic and we meet more and more people with many many siblings.

In the span of two days we met a girl with 11 siblings and another girl with 17! Yes, 17! Imagine being pregnant for almost 13 years of your life!!!

Here’s an interesting statistic from Wikipedia – A June 2007 TNS/MRBI poll found that 43% supported legal abortion if a woman believed it was in her best interest while 51% remained opposed. 82% favored legalization for cases when the woman’s life is in danger, 75% when the fetus cannot survive outside the womb, and 73% when the pregnancy has resulted from sexual abuse.

As a point of reference, divorce was legalized in Ireland only in 1995! Had Ireland been more in favor of the British, there would be no independence and divorce at least would be legal now…