Reading suggestions

Hey all,

Sorry for being gone for a while, it’s been hectic.

I have been, besides working, on a listening and reading binge. Well, mostly listening to audiobooks, just because of the convenience of the format. As you can see, if you’re not in Google Reader, there is a new sidebar on my site – Goodreads bookshelf. Tells you the books I am reading and if you click on the link you can go see the ones I have read/listened to and read my reviews. I highly recommend you go and create an account there and make some recommendations and what not. What is yet another social network if we already have a gazillion!!!

About audiobooks, I’ve been a firm fanboy of Audible for a few months now. I think I pay something like $15 a month and I get two books included, doesn’t matter (mostly) what they are. As a sign up bonus they will give you a whole two books for free, if you sign up for a Platinum account. If two books a month is too much, sign up for a Gold account.

If you want to get those two books free, use the code twit2 when signing up. Courtesy of Leo Laporte at

Any book recommendations?