Only in Ireland

Only in Ireland can this pass. The Irish Times article “Industry appeals for State help to save pubs” discusses the campaign to “save the Irish pub” in the light of almost 5,000 job losses in the industry this year was launched yesterday by the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI).

The federation, which represents publicans outside Dublin, said scores of public houses in rural areas had closed since the start of this year, and more would follow. Calling on the Government to immediately implement a five-point plan – and desist from measures such as a reduction in the legal alcohol limit for drivers – the federation also released new research showing the poor state of the industry.

The call to Government, headed “Recommendations to save the Irish pub” includes:

An undertaking that current blood alcohol levels permissible for drivers be maintained and not further reduced.

But the VFI said the proposal to lower the general limit “will have no effect on road fatalities and is likely to lead to further pub closures and job losses in rural areas”.


Historical Goodies – 1st Edition

The Spire of Dublin, officially titled the Monument of Light

Probably the first major monument that we encountered in our midnight walk on the first day was the infamous Dublin Spire. It is not a historical goodie, per se, rather a monument to… well, no one knows. The Spire actually has many names – “The Stiletto in the Ghetto”, “The Skewer in the Sewer”, “The Height of Folly”, “Bertie’s Erection”, “The Stick in the Sick”, “The Spire in the Mire”, “The Poker near Croker”, “The Nail in the Pale”, but among us we lovingly call it “The Stiffy by the Liffey” [pronounced Liffy].


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