Spanish Medical System

A brief visit to the doctor – 80 Euro

Prescription medication – 6.95 Euro

Travel Insurance that covers the above – $30

In and out of the hospital and the pharmacy in 10 minutes – Priceless!

So I got a little scratch on the leg, which got inflamed either because of the salty waters or the sunscreen and decided to go to the doctor while in Figueres. The tourist information people directed us to two places we could visit – a public hospital and a private clinic. The private clinic happened to be closer so I limped for it.

A totally non-English speaking receptionist (we, English speaking tourists get so cocky expecting everything to be in English and everyone to speak it. I almost threw a hissy fit when I couldn´t find any newspapers in English in a store in a town with population of 130, exluding the tourists) understood my jesticulations towards my leg and requests for a doctor.

The doctor, who we saw literally after 3 minutes of waiting, was indeed English speaking and wrote me a prescription for some drugs in two minutes. 3 minutes walk to the pharmacy, 2 minutes waiting for the sales personnel to appear and here I am, fully medicated.

Question arises – why can´t we have the same in Canada? Yes, I have not accounted for the under-privileged who cannot afford neither the private care nor the insurance that covers it, but wouldn´t it be nice to have treatment when you want it, pronto?!

P.S. Mom, I´m okay, it´s just a scratch.